What is your dream loan like? It’s ours!

We think and dream a lot lately. Surely this is coming Christmas. J However, we like to stay in the realm of reality, probably, so our small team has chosen finance and credit.

Don’t chase unattainable dreams!


In order for this article to make sense, we need to state a couple of things! There is no credit for getting $ 10 million and not having to repay it.

There is no credit that somehow screws up the repayment by paying less. But this can be approached in other ways.

Think ahead

Security is essential to our credit. Even before borrowing. Therefore, the first condition of our dream loan is to be able to get a credit rating. Of course, only after using the calculator of credit.co.uk and finding the ideal loan. This is the process where we are examined financially and the result is stored for 6 months. By doing so, we know how much real estate we can buy and the borrowing process is accelerated. That’s what we need.

Important properties

We definitely want to choose a loan that does not take long. These include, for example, government-sponsored Qualified Consumer Loans . Here, from the appraisal, there is a maximum of 15 days for credit assessment and only 2 days after the disbursement conditions have been met and the bank has to transfer it.

Our dream loan must know for sure

Our dream loan must know for sure

In addition, we consider it important to be able to reduce the debt and thus the monthly repayment. This is possible with every loan, but no matter what the price. Because many contracts have a percentage cost, we want to save that cost on our own dream loan. We have repeatedly stated that the easiest way to cheapen our credit is to prepay it .

Truth be told, these are the 3 things you need to know about your dream loan to stay on the ground of reality. Do you have any other expectations? Write to us! There might be one in the credit market, but you just don’t know it. But we’ll find you.