Attractions return to Indiana, but hiring problems continue to weigh on hospitality industry


CARMEL, Ind. – Conventions and concerts may draw Hoosiers into the hospitality industry on weekends, but restaurants and hotels continue to struggle to provide service.

“98% of Indiana hotels say they can’t fill jobs or have increased their wages with benefits, paid time off, health care, 401K reimbursements, even some higher education reimbursements », Details Patrick Tamm, President and CEO of Indiana. Association of restaurateurs and lodgings.

Hiring problems plague the industry. Tamm says restaurants are reporting big sales figures despite reduced staff. The same is true for hotels on weekends, however, industry reports predict that weekday business travel will not return to normal until 2024.

“We had a lot of success with the Sweets and Snacks Show, but then we went down to 5% or 8% occupancy,” Tamm explains.

Some hotels do not return dirty rooms until the start of the work week. Industry executives say now is the time to step into restaurants and hotels due to easy upward mobility. Rob Chinksy now has 18 locations at Penn Station, but started washing dishes in restaurants when he was 15. He says there is room for growth at all levels if people are ready to jump into the industry now.

“People have climbed the ranks to become managers, general managers, operations manager”, lists Chinsky, “several people left and became franchisees. “

Chinsky says the problem with hiring isn’t just entry-level jobs, but restaurants and hotels are looking for managerial positions or team leaders.

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