Goofy’s outfit doesn’t belong next to this Disney attraction


Credit: @laurenreeding (left) Disney (right)

Lately we’ve seen a lot of Disney characters appear in interesting areas of Disney World as meetups and greetings are currently on hiatus.

disney world characters
Credit: Disney

After reopening, Walt Disney World moved away from dating and greetings due to the ongoing pandemic and turned to interactions with characters from a distance. You can still take a selfie with Mickey Mouse or chat with your favorite Disney princess, but the times you can see them are no longer scheduled or constant. All interactions also happen remotely and there is no organized line, meaning each character can interact with multiple guests at once.

disney world characters
Credit: Screenshot via the Disney Parks Blog

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can see characters during the cavalcades, as well as around the Park. I’ve seen Donald water his plants in one of the fenced flower beds before, and now it looks like Goofy is hanging out around Tower of Terror, but he doesn’t fit in too well.

tower of terror struck by lightning
Credit: Disney

Many Disney characters have different outfits, depending on the area of ​​the park they are in. Their “normal” clothes are typically seen in Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT, but other more immersive outfits can be worn at times as well. For example, Mickey Mouse is often in his safari gear at Animal Kingdom.

Lauren (@laurenreeding) noticed that Goofy was hanging out around the attraction, but his clothes looked a bit quirky for the area. Goofy appears to be wearing a floral button-down Hawaiian shirt over his usual outfit.

Outpost Orlando (@outpostorlando) saw Goofy and Max ready to go on a family vacation yesterday!

Goofy and Max decided to take a Tower of Terror vacation today

Disney has received a bit of heat lately when it comes to the theme after a DJ appeared at the Magic Kingdom in normal clothes and pumped up the party as guests exited the park at the end of the night. Having a DJ atop Main Street Station seemed shocking to many, as it didn’t match up with other immersive details in the area.

At least this time, guests who line up for the attraction will gain an added benefit!

What do you think of Goofy’s outfit right next to the Tower of Terror queue?

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