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ROSCOE (WREX) – There are only two weekends left to see historical artifacts and memorabilia only found in our area at the Historic Auto Attractions Museum. This is because it will close soon for the 2021 season.

Historic auto attractions is something you have to see to believe. Cars and cars found inside this hidden gem were actually seated by people like Ulysses S. Grant, President Eisenhower, and many more. The Roscoe Museum will surprise you every moment with artifacts such as White House furniture, Cleopatra, Bonnie and Clyde movie memorabilia, Gone with the Wind and more.

What started as a passion for collecting cars, has grown into a 20-year business.

“I was showing people and I felt like I was bragging about myself,” said Wayne Lensing, owner of Historic Auto Attractions, when asked how his business started. “The audience was as if mesmerized when they saw all the presidential cars: Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower.”

The collection has grown rapidly over the years. Lensing says he wanted to diversify his museum and make it intriguing for all people of all ages. That’s when Bonnie and Clyde, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and Batmobiles came into play.

“I got into stuff like Elvis Presley, James Dean,” Lensing said.

Walking around the museum is an experience that transforms you every moment in a different era.

“Now we have a great collection of Abraham Lincoln which I am proud of because we are in Lincoln country,” Lensing said.

The extensive John F. Kennedy collection is what Lensing loves most and for good reason, as Historic Auto Attractions is home to the greatest JFK cars and the greatest Presidential and World cars in the country.

“Because some of them have so much elegance. The way they made cars, it just draws me to see their beauty,” Lensing said when asked about his passion for cars and cars. presidential.

Lensing says its growing museum is increasingly recognized nationally by visitors from across the country. But he doesn’t just want these artifacts to be fun for family and friends; he says that one of his employers and historian, Tony, made the experience an educational experience.

“If anyone has a question about an artifact, they really help it. And what we’re trying to do is educate people when they arrive, ”Lensing said.

Getting lost is not a bad thing inside this hidden gem as there is something for everyone.

“When you leave here you will find something you like. You might not like the Old West, but you might like Gangsterland,” Lensing said.

Historic Auto Attractions will close for the season on September 5 at 5 p.m. It will then reopen next summer bigger than ever with a massive additional 50,000 square foot building that will feature the Lincoln exhibit, JFK and more. For more information, click on here.

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