Immotion Group PLC boosted by the reopening of tourist attractions


The reopening of tourist attractions has given a boost to (,), which offers immersive entertainment for aquariums and more.

His income for the six months to June reached £ 2.8million and he almost broke even with a loss of £ 31,000.

He posted record results for June, July and August, and with September set to be another strong month, he believes he will see revenues of around £ 3million and profits of £ 0.6million. sterling in the third quarter.

The performance of the first half was driven by a takeover of its main activity of Location Based Entertainment, with almost all of the sites where it operates now open and marketed.

It now plans to expand into the zoo market with a launch in spring 2022.

He said: “We have filmed new, immersive 360-degree content on endangered species in Africa, which we plan to unveil in the fourth quarter, when we also hope to announce the first partner zoos. installations begin in time for spring 2022.

“We believe that the zoo market is both global and many times the size of the aquarium industry, sharing the characteristics that attracted us to the aquarium market: a large number of high-traffic, high-quality potential partners. , worldwide. “

There have also been contributions from two new divisions, Home Based Entertainment, which was initially launched with a Let’s explore the oceans product and UV-C disinfection company Uvisan, which won a large order from the NHS.

He said: “The creation of the HBE and Uvisan divisions has provided us with two other significant growth opportunities and the first signs are very promising.”

Shares of Immotion climbed 4.7% to 6.6p.

12:24 p.m .: Cerillion climbs after winning new contract with Danish telecom group

Shares of () were up sharply after the software group unveiled new deals with a Danish telecommunications company.

The deal with OpenNet, an existing Cerillion customer, is worth a total of £ 4.3million.

The agreements cover a six-year contract extension during which OpenNet will upgrade its core business support system platform to the latest technology from Cerillion. OpenNet has also significantly increased its software licenses and expanded its use of Cerillion’s managed service and private cloud platform.

Cerillion CEO Louis Hall said, “We have established a very productive relationship with OpenNet and are delighted to extend it with this six year contract.

Shares of the company climbed 4.18% to 797p.

11:12 am: HeiQ collapses by more than a fifth after rising costs and delayed orders

(), the materials and textiles group that joined the market last December, was hit by rising costs, falling sales and backlogs.

With last year’s strong demand for face masks and personal protective equipment not recurring, half-year revenue increased from US $ 30.1 million to US $ 25.8 million.

Pre-tax profit increased from US $ 10.6 million to US $ 3.37 million.

The company said, “The battle to secure raw materials and maintain global supply chains in the first half of 2021 has resulted in projects being suspended or canceled by customers. For example, a major new sales project with potential annual revenue of US $ 3. mln was delayed for several months and had a direct impact on our reported income for the period.

“The first half of 2021 saw us develop a healthy and promising innovation pipeline for features clearly demanded by our business customers and end consumers. We were able to progress on various projects and strengthen our capacity for future growth, but thanks to the difficult market conditions described above, we did not execute all the sales opportunities in our pipeline at the start of the year. “

He said freight and raw material costs had increased and could not be passed on to all of his customers in the short term due to the “competitive environment in sales of textile chemicals to factories. and fixed price conditions of the HeiQ brand “.

On the outlook, he said: “We expect the remainder of 2021 to continue to be unpredictable with the headwinds mentioned above, for us, our customers and our competitors around the world. important projects, which would have an impact on the result for the whole year, various factors remaining beyond our control, we cannot be certain that all these projects will materialize in the second half of 2021. “

The negative valuation left its stocks down 22.78% or 30.30p to 102.7p.

9:41 am: NAHL drops after accident assistance group warns of lower than expected profits

(), the UK consumer legal services firm behind the (), saw its shares fall after a profit warning.

Its half-year results showed revenue fell from £ 20.2million to £ 19.5million due to fewer inquiries during the pandemic.

It went from a loss of £ 0.4million to a profit of £ 0.6million.

But profits attributable to partners of the joint venture law firms fell 26% to £ 1.7million.

As for the outlook, he said growth in personal injury investigations early in the second half of the year was at a slower pace than initially expected.

He added: “The group’s strategy to generate long-term growth in its personal injury business will generate higher margin business in the medium term, while driving lower short-term profits and lower fund levels. higher turnover as cases progress …

“Slower than expected growth in the number of personal injury inquiries due to the sustained impact of the pandemic, coupled with the strategic decision to increase the number of inquiries placed in NAL, will lead to lower underlying operating income and profit for the entire year. than previous management expectations, and are now expected to be lower than 2020.

“The board remains cautious about the speed and timing of the recovery from COVID-19.”

Its shares fell 10.2 pence or 18.15% to 46 pence on the news.

8:45 am: Animalcare expects annual profits to exceed market forecast

With the boom in pet purchases during lockdown, it’s no surprise that companies involved in the industry are doing well.

() PLC, the international veterinary sales and marketing firm, said first half revenue rose 13.3% to £ 39.1million.

Underlying half-year profits climbed 28.3% to £ 8.5million, helped by the focus on brands with higher margins and growth potential.

Company now expects annual results to beat expectations

Chairman Jan Boone said: “While we still expect revenue growth and the underlying EBITDA will be weighted towards the first half of 2021, the level of market demand that we saw in the third quarter we provides confidence that underlying EBITDA and underlying core EPS exceed current market expectations for the full year.

“Against this background, and alongside a continued increase in investment in the pipeline, the board of directors declared an interim dividend of 2p per share, in line with 2020.”

Its Daxocox canine pain treatment has been approved by European and UK authorities, paving the way for product launches, while its STEM dental product line is expected in the last quarter of the year.

Shares of the company climbed 25.9p or 6.43% to 428.9p.

Also on the way is () PLC.

The sensor systems specialist said annual revenue rose from £ 0.6million to £ 1.77million and from a loss of £ 2.45million to a profit of £ 0.16 million.

Its iTrack tire pressure monitoring system saw its royalty income increase after being fired at Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tire producer, under a ten-year deal in June 2020.

Transense Executive Chairman Nigel Rogers said, “With iTrack’s royalty revenue growing and new products growing. [tyre monitory system]Translogik increasing the penetration of the tire probes market, the company recorded a strong growth in its turnover …

“The year-end trade is well ahead of the previous year, and directors continue to be optimistic about the outlook and outlook for the company.”

Its shares are up 6.5p or 5.8% to 118.5p.

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