Determined to play football after losing his eyesight, teenager is now starting quarterback


Jasen Bracy has always loved playing different sports, but football is his passion – and he won’t let anything stand in the way of his dream of becoming an NFL star.

Bracy, 15, was diagnosed with retinal cancer as a child and by his seventh birthday had lost his sight. Bracy told his parents he was determined to play football, and his father, whose name is also Jasen, told CBS News they said no, wondering, “How are you doing. be possible for him to go out and play? “

Bracy found a way. He started calling different teams in the Modesto, California area, and eventually managed to join coach David Nichols with the Modesto Raiders. “The way he was on the phone, I just said, ‘Come on, we’ll find out,’ Nichols said. Bracy told CBS News he memorizes every game and where every player is supposed to be on the field. , and after proving himself in training and in games, he was named starting quarterback.

“It’s all memory,” said Bracy. “It’s about trusting the player, the receiver and the team. I have to trust them 100 percent.”

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