Boutique hotel and ice cream parlor: new must-see attractions in Cheshire in 2022

A huge range of new attractions – from a boutique hotel to an ice cream trail open in Cheshire this year.

And Jodrell Bank will see a new space building built at the popular site.

Fans of gourmet ice cream can look forward to a new course developed especially for them, called Delicious Dozen.

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From near the Welsh border at the foothills of the Cheshire Peak District, the trail winds through Nantwich, Tattenhall, Chester, Daresbury, Northwich, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Dunham Massey and Macclesfield.

One of the trail’s highlights is one of Britain’s favorite attractions, The Ice-Cream Farm near Tattenhall.

The Delicious Dozen: The Cheshire Ice Cream Trail

Jodrell Bank

Meanwhile, Jodrell Bank will be opening a new space called the First Light Pavilion in the spring.

This First Light project, proud of several million people, includes a gallery dedicated to the narration of its history, an educational center, a café, as well as an immersive projection space and an auditorium.

The attraction will take place in a new building in the shadow of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lovell Telescope.

The Pavilion was designed by internationally renowned architects, HASSELL Studio.

Artist's impression of the new First Light pavilion
Artist’s impression of the new First Light pavilion

New Boutique Hotel in Chester

A boutique hotel opens in the medieval rows of Chester, overlooking the High Cross on Bridge Street.

Wildes Chester will open to the public in the summer and will feature 18 luxury rooms, a spa and an X by Harry Guy restaurant, which has been trained by renowned chefs such as Gordan Ramsey and Simon Rogan.

The hotel will be “a private getaway and a feeling of calm that comes from luxury”.

X by Harry Guy will be a 50-seat escape experience for diners, with British “taste first” dishes.

CGIs of the new £ 5million boutique hotel to open in Chester city center in summer 2022
The dining room

Check out the rows in Chester

A new online and walking tour around the Medieval Rows of Chester kicks off this month.

Discover The Rows will allow tourists, shoppers and tourists to learn about the open galleries on the first floor.

Find out where England’s first storefront was, and find a coded message about a possible visit to Chester from Catherine of Aragon.

Medieval soldiers, also known as Roman Tours guides, will be on hand to learn about the historic town and its structures.

The Rows, HAZ area of ​​Chester courtesy of Marketing Cheshire

Renovated Deva Museum

Ancient history will also be explored in more depth with the newly refurbished Deva Roman Discovery Center in Chester.

New museum attractions include interactive exhibits and sound and light shows, accompanied by guides from familiar and beloved Roman soldiers and the archaeological site.

Spring flowers art installation

Chester will also come to life in February with art installations called Spring Blooms.

The Cheshire countryside will be brought to the city; visitors are invited to expect nocturnal projections of nature, sculptures of diving birds, and a stage for free performances in the cathedral gardens.

Thanks to a new app, tourists will be able to learn more about these art exhibitions.

The installation is part of Destination Chester’s Cheshire Designed By Nature campaign.

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